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Hello, I am Lauren.

I'm a sucker for capturing fleeting moments and genuine connection.

I picked up my first SLR camera in a High School photography class in Singapore and fell in love with finding my true self and honoring my creativity through photography. I quit my corporate marketing job in 2013 to be home with my children and follow my dream to start my own photography business. What an amazing time it has been!  My children have proven the importance of capturing time in photographs.  I have two boys, Rowan (11) and Reid (6).  They are my world. I want to remember everything about them. The way their hair sticks straight up when they wake up in the morning, the way they hold their hands behind their backs when they are walking, the way they get chocolate ice cream all over their faces, the way their almond shaped eyes reflect the sunlight perfectly.  I just can't get enough. I want the same for you! 

Through my portrait work I discovered that I have a natural ability to put parents at ease, engage and have fun with active children and toddlers and sooth new babies into deep relaxation. 


Please stay for a while and browse my galleries to get a sense of my style. If you like what you see, I would LOVE to hear from you!  I want to inspire you to fill your heart and home with daily reminders of the beauty of life and the beauty that is you and your family!

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